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The Leading Executive Helps Companies Create Business Resource Groups

Business Resource Groups

The Leading Executive consults with Corporate America to create business resource groups

Seeking to recruit and hire more diverse employees?


Company BRGs can play a crucial role in ensuring a diverse talent pool, both within and outside the organization. By being active in their local communities, they can identify promising individuals who have the potential to help drive the business forward.


A Business Resource Group (BRG) provides a unique opportunity for employees across the organization with diverse backgrounds to collaborate, enabling the business to reach its strategic objectives and tackle obstacles. Such a platform encourages intellectual discourse and enriches both the employees and the business itself.


Recruiters at countless Fortune 500 companies leverage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to attract a more diverse workforce. This is proving to be a powerful testament to the strength of an organization's commitment to inclusion.


Human Resources experts regularly attend their organization's BRG events, educational lunch gatherings, summits, and conventions to stay abreast of the latest industry knowledge.

Ninety percent of companies identify that ERG/[BRG] members helped new employees to become comfortable during the onboarding process.”

The first 60-90 days of employment is a critical period in any new hire's journey with your business. To facilitate a successful transition and ensure the long-term success of the employee, it is important to provide support through this initial period, including those from underrepresented backgrounds who may find the early stages of employment particularly challenging. Providing a mentor to guide them through these initial months can give them a sense of belonging in your business.

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